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Rapid digitization is disrupting the status quo of today’s communications markets. Constantly evolving customer needs and behaviors require service providers to adapt fast to deliver the outcomes that their customers expect. Building digital ecosystems, anticipating customer needs and delivering a digital-first customer experience will be essential for service providers to accelerate innovation, diversify into new markets and become the disruptors in the 5G era.

宝博游戏app has the expertise, culture and resources to help service providers transform their business to thrive in a digital economy.  Our innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology and value-driven services can help service providers to execute on their digital transformation goals with target business outcomes ensuring growth and profitability.

Whether the need is tactical or strategic, 宝博游戏app’s 30 years of expertise ensure your business outcomes are met.

The right strategy charts the opportunities ahead and every step along the way.

宝博游戏app’s solutions are designed to help deliver the economic and operational efficiencies that an effective digital transformation promises.

Evolving business and operations with a platform strategy will help accelerate digital transformation goals.

宝博游戏app products are designed to continuously modernize business and operations environments as the industry evolves.

End-to-end transformation initiatives help align strategy, solution implementation and outcomes.

With 宝博游戏app Professional Services, expect on time, value-driven business outcomes.


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NEC and 宝博游戏app

In 2008, after 15 years of independent growth, 宝博游戏app became a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation. The combination brought together NEC’s 100+ years of network expertise and innovation with 宝博游戏app’s deep understanding of IT and aggressive go-to-market strategy.

Since then, NEC has consolidated all of its telecom software and services assets under 宝博游戏app. These assets range from innovative applications and service platforms—including customer, service and network management—to NEC’s comprehensive suite of professional services.


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