Improve business agility by unifying development and operations processes

利用DevOps最佳实践, 工具和过程 to enable continuous solution delivery and seamless operations.

Utilize Expert-Driven Guidance for a New Development and Operating Model

宝博游戏app DevOps启用 offers a broad range of services to help guide service providers through the stages of operational transformation. DevOps consulting services provide guidance and training to ensure IT infrastructure is optimized by using a collaborative, cross-department development approach that aligns the execution and deliverables with business requirements. DevOps环境设计 services ensure hardware, 软件, connectivity and networking requirements are aligned to guarantee efficient cloud-based application development and configuration.

DevOps的组织设置 helps service providers to undergo a smooth transition to a new operating model. Training activities aimed at the professional development of service provider personnel to enable onboarding of DevOps practices help ensure process efficiencies. 联合开发 brings extreme productivity across multiple cross-functional teams in a collaborative mode.


Transitions smoothly to new DevOps-driven operations with organizational readiness assessment and transformation plan development.

Employs efficient application development, deployment and configuration with activities dedicated to rational cloud-based infrastructure setup.

Enables successful piloting and transitioning to a new development and operating model for people, 工具和过程.

Focuses on target skillset evaluation and development for successful adoption of DevOps best practices.

Plans and executes collaborative solution configuration and enhancements performed by multiple cross-functional teams.


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